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Catering Menu

When it comes to catering, big or small, we do it all.

Whatever you need we have it at your request. As far as prices got the lowest as far as quality got the best! All items cooked from scratch.

When inquiring about catering, be sure to include your desired catering style. pick up/ drop off, express cart/ main cart, or full service. We also offer outdoor cooking on site. Please include the menu items you would like served, the number of guest you’re wanting to accommodate, location, and hours of service, the date and time, and also a budget for the event. If you need sauces and-or utensils please let us know. This information will help to get you an accurate quote.

Our express cart is our most popular choice. with this option it’s the fastest because food is already prepared, saving your guest time and cutting back on lines. Choose between ready to eat containers or plates.

Full payment due 72 hours before pick up or event. Four day notice required on all orders. Half down non-refundable deposit required on all orders. Last minute order change are subject to fees. Visa /MasterCard 3.5% processing convenience fee on all debit /credit card payments. Cash payment are accepted at our Tigard cart location. We regret, we no longer accept checks.

Delivery is available just a 20% service fee within 10 miles of cart location. $2 per additional mile. 

We are delivering within 50 feet of our vehicle if there are stairs please let us know ahead of time. 

10% gratuity added to all orders over $500

Grilled, baked, deep fried, or smoked — we've got what guests at your next function will love!

By the pound

Pulled pork

Beef brisket


Baby back ribs

St. Louis rib

Spare ribs

Pork rib tips

Beef short ribs

Smoked beef ribs

Smoked meatloaf

Smoked pulled chicken

Smoked whole turkey

Smoked chicken (whole, wings, legs thighs, drums)

6oz- 14oz Lobster Tail (sold by the tail)

Fried Catfish fillet

Smoked salmon fillet

King crab

Dungeness crab

Snow crab

Colossal shrimp - 30/15

Jumbo shrimp - 16/20

Fried chicken (whole, wings, legs thighs, drums)

Fried turkey (whole bird 12-17 lbs) 

Smoke sausages 

German bratwurst *

Frank’s *

Knackwurst *

Cheese and onion knackwurts *

Snack sausage *

Farm sausage *

Beer sausage *

Red hots *

Xxx infernos *

Cheese bratwurst’s *

Surf & turf. Our surf and turf is basically an add-on adventure. You pick the size Mac you’d like as your base and add your specialty delectables on top. Choose from Smoked Brisket, grilled ribeye, sautéed or fried shrimp, king, snow, or Dungeness crab, 6-14 oz warm water lobster tail, and smoked salmon.


Cowboy beans - 3 types of beans, 3 proteins

Red beans and rice

BBQ beans

Potato salad

Candied yams

Cole slaw

Smoked spuds


Mac & cheese

Dirty Mac (Mac + Protein)

Dirty rice

Mac Salad

Corn on the cob



Cobbler: Peach/apple/cherry etc. Banana pudding

Cakes: 7up, Strawberry, Pineapple upside down,

Vanilla, German Chocolate, Yellow, or

Lemon cake

Let us cook for you